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5 Things You Need to Know Before Finalizing Plots of Plotted Development

Plotted developments are becoming increasingly popular in India, and are now a major real estate trend. These plots can be built into houses, condos, and other types of properties.

Planned developments are now being built inside walled compounds, especially in suburban areas where plenty of space and territory can be offered without sacrificing interconnectedness. A growing number of people are also turning to plotted developments due to their numerous advantages.

Here, we'll look at five essential details you should be aware of if you're thinking about investing in or purchasing a plotted development area.


This is an important factor to consider when choosing a home to purchase, especially when it is your residence and you will be there regularly. First and most importantly, it should be in close proximity to the main and popular parts of town. There are many places you can invest your money, but keep in mind not all have a high success rate. When looking for an investment property, the size of the plot can be a significant factor.

Area of the plot

When you decide to build a home in a plotted development, the area and size of the plot are important factors to consider. Verify the built-up and carpet areas, as well as the terrain and earth.

Value of the plot

Even if it seems like a good deal, don't buy residential plot of plotted development on a whim. Before you make a purchase, take some time to explore other value as well as potential benefits. Alternatively, you can hire a real estate broker to help you and let him do the research for you, so that you can choose an educated opinion.

Title deed verification

The first step is to assess the ownership rights to the land you want to buy. If the seller also owns the plot, you must determine if they are also the legal owners of the property. Ensure the seller's name is on the deed and that he has sole authority to sell the property.

Builder verification

Sometimes you may find, when purchasing a plot of land, that a part of the deed is under litigation or was infringed upon after purchase. This is why it is best to investigate the merchant, which you can do by cross-checking them, as well as reviewing their past projects and going on internet forums to see what other customers think.

Necessary approvals by the local body

All should ensure that the property has approval from the city's development and municipality corporation before anything else. Ensure the required approval documents and see to it that a lawyer is present for verification.


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