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Factors to Consider Before Investing at Bettenahalli

There is a massive range of people who still give preference to investing in the Bettenahalli real estate as they consider it extremely safe and secure. However, there are a plethora of key factors that you must always keep in your mind before you opt for purchasing a new property at Bettenahalli. There is no doubt that location is the foremost factor that you must take into consideration. The other factors will determine if your investment will be worth it and will serve you with good returns. In this article, you will come to know about the key factors that you must always keep in your mind before you make any investment in the real estate market.

Location of the Real Estate Project

You might have thought about hundreds of aspects before purchasing any new residential apartment or new commercial space. But definitely, the location of the premise would always be the first thing that should come to your mind. When you are looking for a residential property, you are firstly required to look for its proximity to hospitals, colleges, schools, or any other necessary amenities. Apart from these things, you are required to look for cleanliness, a peaceful environment, green spaces, and good surroundings along with the value of the residential property. On the other hand, when you are looking for a commercial property at Bettenahalli, first you should look for its closeness to the transport hubs, warehouses, markets, etc.

Valuation of the Property

Everyone has the desire that the value of their property should enhance in the future. Thus, they must consider the location of their real estate property very carefully. There is a key consideration in this aspect that how the area in the surrounding property is evolving. In the future, your peaceful locality might turn into a noisy industrial hub. Thus, the value of your residential property might get affected. Therefore, meeting the local urban planner would prove to be the best idea for you. It might assist you in getting an idea of the area along with assisting you in understanding the future aspect of the locality. There is one more thing that can work for you which is the sales comparison. So, you are required to compare the property that you are going to purchase with the one which has more similar characteristics and has also been recently bought. This in turn will assist you in getting an idea of the price and you might also save yourself from paying extra money.

New Construction or Existing One?

When we are going to invest in real estate, there raises one of the most common questions that whether to purchase new construction or existing property. There is no doubt that the new properties are highly attractive. There is an option in those properties to customize them and these also serve you with modern amenities. However, there is a downside that these new constructions sometimes might take a very long time and sometimes these also might be costly. You can very quickly and easily access the existing residential properties and these properties definitely offer convenience.

You might be required to take into consideration some factors to overcome your confusion, such as:
Maintenance cost
Money that you require to spend on renovation (in case of an existing property) If you are considering taking a real estate property on lease, then you are in need to check if the lease is about to get expired or not. In addition to this, you are also required to check if the renewing alternatives are favorable for you or not. The sales comparison approach would also prove to be fruitful for you here also.

Your Credit Score When you are going to purchase a real estate property and looking for a mortgage, then your credit score might create some serious differences for you. If you have a good credit score then it can assist you to a major extent. It can serve you with better terms, that in turn might result in substantial savings in the upcoming future. A score above 800 is considered the greatest that can assist you in qualifying for the best mortgage options. There are a plethora of simple ways in which you can improve your credit score, such as:
Pay down your debt
Make a payment of your bills on time
Review your credit score most frequently and raise disputes over inaccuracies.

Buy in Low Amount & Sell in High Amount

When it comes to making an investment in real estate, you are required to consider myriad factors as most of the time market fluctuates. Thus, it becomes crucial for you to be aware of the trends. Before choosing your locality, you are required to conduct proper market research.
Apart from this, you are also required to contact various builders and dealers and look for the best deal. In addition to this, if you looking to get a home loan, then you must look for the interest rates and offers of diverse banks. If you desired to fulfill your plan successfully, then you have to remain updated with all the trends.

The reputation of the Real Estate Develope

Prestige Group is majorly popular for its trusted name. All the projects developed by them have created remarkable milestones and landmarks in the real estate market. They give assurance of quality projects with highly affordable rates.

Clarity of Legal Titles

When it comes to purchasing any property clarity of legal titles has become a massive hectic part. The Prestige Group performs all the groundwork for finding out the best and legal plots in the market for us.


The main slogan of the Prestige Group is to facilitate quality properties to their customers at highly affordable rates.


Prestige Group is indulged in following a transparent system on any of the real estate projects that they are executing. This in turn will enhance the well-being of the community along with safeguarding the environment.

Commendable Support & Service

Prestige Group is majorly renowned for their fantastic customer service whether it is before purchasing or after purchasing. They are blessed with a team of more than 2000 employees that are working towards the welfare of the clients.

Commendable Support & Service

It is an extremely apparent fact that the properties of the Prestige Group hold first place in the resale market.

Status of Pride

It is a lifetime dream of a plethora of people to purchase a property developed by Prestige Group for its notability and fame.

Rich Amenities

The brand named Prestige Group is majorly renowned for its well-defined and world-class amenities.

Good Lifestyle

The combination of the exclusive units with state-of-the-art amenities and lifestyle infrastructure together serves a perfect high-class lifestyle.

Peace of Mind

TThe Prestige Group real estate developers facilitate all sources of luxury, comfort, and quality in the property. The residents of these premises are facilitated to stay with fabulous peace of mind.

The current active plots developed by Prestige Group in Bangalore are:

Prestige Great Acres

Prestige Great Acres is an extremely elegantly plotted development property that is located off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. The Prestige Great Acres is an integrated township project developed by the leading layout developers. This residential premise is still to be launched. The approval from RERA is pending. Prestige Great Acres residential property comes with an extremely large land extent with highly spacious plots. There has been an adequate amount of spacing between each plot for privacy, better air circulation, and natural light. Prestige Great Acres is well-versed with myriad types of plots based on diverse dimensions. Several commending plots are available in even and odd sizes. This residential premise is blessed with several state-of-the-art infrastructures that serve an established eco-friendly property.

This residential property facilitates its residents with a very good lot of amenities. Here, you can find some of the amenities:
• Swimming Pool
• Clubhouse
•Outdoor Party Area
• Kids Play Area One another great benefit of this residential property is the locality of the Prestige Great Acres. Sarjapur Road is the majorly demanding real estate locality in the entire city. This road is very well connected with other areas of the city with its highly fine connecting roads. There are numerous fantastic

• Banks
• Coaching centers
• Game arena
• Shopping malls
• Multiplexes
•Religious places
• IT parks
• Industries
In the vicinity.

Future Outlook

The Prestige Marigold project is a futuristic project built by the Prestige group keeping in mind the shift of the industrial, government SEZ, and expanding IT industry along with the new kid on the block, the Startups. North Bangalore will be the new Destination. The international airport here means the first entry to Bangalore will be at this location only. The massive job infrastructure being built here with new Tech Parks, SEZ’s, financial hub means the existing Bangalore workforce is shifting to North Bangalore along with massive migrants from other parts of the country for job opportunities.