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Prestige Marigold

Off, NH 44, Bettenahalli, Karnataka 562157

Welcome To Prestige Marigold Bangalore

About Prestige Marigold Prestige Group allows you to convert your dream house to the most anticipated area of the real estate market in Bengaluru, i.e., East Bengaluru. Prestige Marigold is a new project of Prestige Group situated in North Bengaluru.

If you are looking for a perfect place for your family and loved ones, Prestige Marigold is the thing you should be looking for. Beautifully located in the woods under green cover, Prestige Marigold Plots are a private complex offering freehold private plots going from 200 to 500 sq. yd. You are having a broad scope of comforts inside the premises. It is the best region and most preferred spot for buying a property. It gives quick permission to most-wanted areas like markets, schools, clinical benefits places, emergency facilities, etc.

Prestige Marigold Bangalore private premises manages all of the step-by-step needs of every occupant like stores, vegetable shops, and day-to-day needs shopping complex, security, and other luxuries. Prestige Marigold fulfills all that you might at any point need for healthy living. Prestige Marigold Plots are brilliantly designed with the latest comforts, including a gym area, reflexology parks, billiards, clubhouse, practice focus, outdoors and indoor gaming zone, recreational center, court, pools, poolside grill, yoga studio, theater, and much more. Plots in prestige marigold are the best source of real estate business for investors in North Bangalore, considering its basic facilities like schools, emergency centers, shopping complex, and the list go on and on…

Prestige marigold plots Bangalore offers excellent future appreciation prospects. Each scheme here has been designed to provide a fine living. Hugely charming and open parks at Prestige Marigold are keeping it together for you. Massive places for family get together or social gatherings. Trees are managed, cut, and shaped for perfect walking tracks. Wide walkways and adequate space for senior inhabitants adds critical prosperity for loved ones. Prestige Marigold is an optimal spot to see the value of living far away from the metropolitan areas. This private complex is stacked up with first-class accommodations like a vast play area for adults, a running park, yoga deck, extravagant green gardens and are arranged in proximity to proper open spaces which are shaped to make incredibly dazzling stops, yards, water streams, trees, and much more to help investors get the best deal. This property promises to give genuine ROI for families and people who want to enter the real estate market.


Masterplan and floorplan Prestige Group, the most-acclaimed real estate market leader, has been reclassifying living spaces across Bangalore with excellent turns of events. This group currently presents Prestige Marigold, a tremendous residential plotted area situated in North Bangalore.
Prestige Marigold masterplan has more than 500+ private plots. Most plots are available in 30*40, 30*50, 40*60, and 50*90sqft sizes. You can also look for other measures like 50*40, 40*35, 60*60 and 35*55, and 45*30sqfts.


Advantages of buying plots in prestige marigold Some of the advantages of buying plots in Prestige Marigold:
• Affordable cost as compared to other real estate market leaders.
• Plots have a considerable return on your investments.
• If you have bought a plot in an area having a decent foundation, its cost will certainly give the best returns in the coming years.
• Buying a plot allows you to design a house as per your taste and space.
• Buying a plot guarantees you will work out this right in its authentic way.