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Size or Location - What is More Essential for Plot Purchasers?

Realize what you want - Everyone has an image of a dream home in their mind and has expectations of how it should be. These expectations mostly stem from their essential needs. For example, a residential plot buyer with a large family might search for a plot that will cover a large area and offer a personal space for each family member. A larger residential plot might require more money. If this is the case, they might be willing to compromise on location as property prices go up in better locations. We’ve all had an image of the perfect home in our minds and we all have expectations of what it should have. Most of those expectations stem from our basic needs. For example, someone with a large family might be looking for a plot of land that can give each family member their own space and that might cost more, but in some cases, we have to compromise. If you have to sacrifice something, it might be the location. A home in a less desirable location will cost more. It matters that you can afford it and that it meets your needs. Don't feel you're sacrificing space for a small lot? If a buyer with a nuclear family lives near a premium location, they will hope to enjoy the many benefits of the prime location, including a better education system for their children, and a social sphere. Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore is a residential development project that aims to meet all sorts of consumer demand and bring change to the lifestyle of its buyers. If you're looking for a place to call home, then this is the perfect project for you. This project caters to all sorts of customers, from nuclear families to families with kids to retirees looking for a place to call home. To know more about the best residential plot development project in North Bangalore. New to the city and looking for a place to live? Join the growing family of Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore. This place is perfect for you. We have all the amenities a nuclear family could ask for: grocery shops, schools, movie theaters, and parks. If you're sick of the monotony of your daily life, then this is your chance to live life to the fullest.

We want you to have the perfect plot for you and your family to build on. Should you decide to buy a home for the family, be sure to choose a plot of land with a larger size. If you are buying a plot to let it out, go for a mid-sized plot in a prime location. This will ensure that you can have more prospective tenants and make money from rent. Prestige Marigold is located near world-class schools like Asian Christian High School, Open Arms International School, and many more. Your demand for rent would be economical to the tenants and justify your investment as well. If you are looking for a property for renting, go for a mid-sized property in a prime location and make certain you're easy to find. Prestige Marigold is close to eminent schools and nearby to shopping, entertainment, and tourist attractions. Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore is located almost 40 km from the main city of Bangalore. Want to find the perfect location for your needs? Look no further. At Prestige Marigold, it's all about the best of the best. Situated just 28 km from railway station, Prestige Marigold is the perfect location for any business traveller who wants to stay within an easy commute of the airport. Plus, being near to the airport means you don't have to miss out on any of the sights while you're waiting for your flight. Be Smart About Your Next Home. Consider the resale value of the home and the location of this new property. Does the area have good connectivity, proximity to key industries and businesses, and proximity to airports? At Prestige Marigold, a 34 km commute from the international airport at Devanahalli, it's all here! For good connections and higher resale value go with a prime location. Prestige Marigold, North Bangalore offers prime location with proximity to other cities, companies, railway station, and airport.

Future Outlook

The Prestige Marigold project is a futuristic project built by the Prestige group keeping in mind the shift of the industrial, government SEZ, and expanding IT industry along with the new kid on the block, the Startups. North Bangalore will be the new Destination. The international airport here means the first entry to Bangalore will be at this location only. The massive job infrastructure being built here with new Tech Parks, SEZ’s, financial hub means the existing Bangalore workforce is shifting to North Bangalore along with massive migrants from other parts of the country for job opportunities.